Welcome to the Audacity Project


The purpose for this assignment is to learn how to electronically record, mix, amplify and modify sounds on your computer using the Audacity Editor - and have fun doing it!

Audacity is a free software program and can open and save MP3, WAV, AIFF, and several other types of audio files Later this semester, you will need this skill as part of a larger project.  

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Assignment One: Create a comical sound production

First Assignment:
A short joke - a one liner like "Why did the man put his money in the freezer? He wanted cold hard cash." If you cannot think of a joke, search for one on the Internet. Remember, it must be "G" rated and at least 10 seconds long.


1. Find a nice clean joke to record. It must be "G" rated.

2. To get started, click on the Audacity icon on your desktop. If it is not there, click here to download the Audacity software.

3. See Intro Video for Audacity and or the YouTube video, Learn How to use Audacity - only the first 7 minutes.(First Assignment)

4. Record your joke.

5. Make your joke so we can't recognize your voice using the effects.

6. Import an audio clip from any of these sites or create your own:

Partners in Rhyme
Sound Dogs

Google.com for sound loops

To download audio clips is different for every site. Remember, some .wav files are compressed and you will need to unzip the folder. (Right click on folder and extract all and save in your Audacity folder)

7. Feel free to adjust the music clip as well.

8. Save your file as a project - File >> Save Project As (this format, you may edit again)

9. When completely done, File >> Export as WAV (this format, you cannot edit)


Assignment Two: Create a "mashup" of at least 4 songs.

1. Find at least four songs and import them into Audacity on different layers

2. Adjust the songs to make the song of your choice

3. Save your file as a project and when done, export your file as a WAV file


Assignment Three: Compose a sound piece using only found sounds. Edit and mix the piece on any sound editing equipment and email to me.


Assignment Four: Create a Business Audio ad for Smell Be Gone!


Background Sounds


On the farm, it’s hard to keep clean; between the pigs, chickens, and cows, a farmgirl like me is unlikely to ever be known as pretty

Start instrumental background music before narration begins, fade in. Background sounds include farm ambience/outdoor/animal sounds

Make sure narration blends properly and sound effects aren’t too loud (adjust gain)

But since I tried Smell Be Gone, my life’s totally changed!

At end of narration, some sort of “tada” moment sound or “oooh” and “ahh”


I turn heads when I walk down the streets

City ambiance, people catcalling or whistling; after the narrator pauses, cars skidding, crashing, horns honking, etc.


Everyone wants to stare in awe of my beauty!

Finish car sounds


At the ballgame, I can’t get to my seat without people going out of their way just for me!

Sports sounds/ambiance; ending with an and of game sound (buzzer, cheers, etc.)


Thanks, Smell Be Gone!


Add echo to GONE

Do not use if you have a history of…


This excerpt should be sped up and the pitch deepened to sound manly, but fast like medical commercials

It works! Call today!

Phone sounds, dialing/ringing




Fade out background music slowly




Project based on information from Mr. Muskott and Mrs. Tonya Skinner