Tour Project

"Hey, I'm in
the band!"






You have just started a band. You are going to release a new CD. You are going on tour. (The tour should begin after June 1 and it must be done by August 31.)  Now all you have to do is create it, organize it, and publicize it. This is not a group project.


Things to think about: 

What is the lowdown on your band? Name? What kind of music do you play? (Country, Rock, Metal, New Wave, Rap, Christian, etc.) What type of group?  Who are the other members of the band? What instruments do people play? Who sings? Background biographies? Anything else you would like to add. Remember, this must be school appropriate.


Here is what you need to do: 


  1. For the tour, decide when and where your band will perform. You need to create a list of 10 cities to tour including the concert location. For example, June 10, 2007 at The Wharton Center, East Lansing, Michigan or July 15, 2007 at The Soaring Eagle, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Put this information in a table using MS Word.
  2. Use the map to plot out your trip. Use Adobe Elements to draw to your lines.Watch Video
  3. Design a logo and banner for your band web site using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Knowledge of program must be evident by using many features of the program.
    1. Banner Video
    2. Saving Video
  4. No tour is complete without a t-shirt, so design one; both front and back. If you can't draw a t-shirt, use this t-shirt template. Add your banner and/or logo to the t-shirt. You can also add your tour dates on the back of your t-shirt.
    1. T-shirt Video
  5. Design the front and back cover for your first CD. At least ten song titles should be on the back. Please be appropriate.  Use the following templates if you need to:  CD front  and  CD back.  Create in Adobe Elements.
    1. Create the CD covers just like you did the T-shirts
  6. Find a picture of a band and exchange your face with theirs using Adobe Elements. Use friends if necessary for other band members. See the example of the Malissimo.
  7. Create a 30 second audio clip as a sample of the music your band plays. Use Audacity to create the audio file.
  8. Create a database named "Fan Club Members".  Create a new table named "Fan Club" to include names (first and last), address, cities, states, and zip codes of 15 of your fans.  (You should include at least 5 members from 5 different states.)      
  9. Create a database named "Tour Cities".  Include field names for such items as City, Date Arriving, Date Leaving, Arena to Play, Concert Dates, Fan Club President, Phone Number, Hotel, etc.  Create two queries.  The first one should be for concert dates before July 15 and should include all fields and another query of your choice.  Next, create a report from the query results sorted by city A-Z. 
  10. Create a Spreadsheet of your revenues and expenses of the tour.  You make about $50,000 in revenue every time your band takes the stage.  But what are your expenses?  Travel, buses, planes, roadies, equipment, hotels, food, etc.       
  11. Using Dreamweaver, create a web site for your band. Include the following:  Watch Video

        The Homepage (saved as "index") should have your band name, band logo or picture, and links to the other pages.

        Your web site should have a consistent theme for all of the pages.  (background, colors, buttons, etc.)

        The Band Info page should include info on the band and its members along with your modified picture.

        The CD Info page should include your CD cover and back, song list (10 songs), and any other info needed.

        The Tour Info page should include a map of your tour sites, dates, cities, and times.  Include a link to Ticketmaster.  

        The Fan Club page should include information about your bandís fan club and how to join.

        The T-shirt Info page should include a picture of your tour T-shirt and info on how to buy one.

        The structure of your website should look like below:



  1. Check out the Malissimo or Toxic Sludge example website.
  2. Present your web site and tour information to the class with a group presentation. 

Source: Independent Projects Using Microsoft Office and the Web