"About You"
Photo Story


Create a Photo Story "About You" using Microsoft Photo Story 3 (which is a free download). Your Photo Story must include photos that describe you. See my example. Click here to learn how to use Photo Story then explore the program which is located on the desktop. See Rubric.


  1. After exploring the program, create a folder in your directory specifically for your Photo Story.
  2. Find at least 16 photos or more that describe you (hobbies, school, sports, animals, music, etc.).
  3. Then start creating your Photo Story.
  4. Modify your photos as needed.
  5. Save your Photo Story as a project until you have finished. Once you finish your project, save as a story.
  6. Play for the class


  1. Your Photo Story must tell me about you
  2. Must have at least 16 photos
  3. Must include text and NOT the default font
  4. Proper grammar and spelling
  5. Must have music you created or it can be narrated
  6. Must have a beginning and ending
  7. Save story with the setting of 640x480

See Rubric