"About You"


Create a T-Shirt "About You" using Microsoft PowerPoint. Your T-Shirt must include graphics that describe you. See my example. See Rubric


  1. Open the T-Shirt template located in the shared folder
  2. Find at least 20 photos/graphics or more that describe you (hobbies, school, sports, animals, music, etc.) and copy them to your T-Shirt.
  3. Crop and edit graphics as needed
  4. Present your T-Shirt to the class


  1. Your T-Shirt must tell me about you
  2. Must have at least 20 photos
  3. Must include your name at top of slide
  4. Graphics must be relevant and "G" rated (no guns, weapons, etc.)
  5. Use good presentation skills
  6. Have a great introduction sentence
  7. Submit to the shared folder

Rubric to review