Intro to Digital Cameras - Assignments


  1. Review Powerpoint, Intro Presentation (located in ClearyWork>> ClearyData >> DigiPhoto) Presentation is best viewed using Internet Explorer.
  2. Complete this Introductory Worksheet (print and turn in) - 42 Points
  3. Demo - Introduction (File Size) Demonstration - 15 points



Outside of Camera

  1. Review PowerPoint, Know Your Camera (Outside) Presentation (located in ClearyWork>> ClearyData >> DigiPhoto)
  2. Complete Know Your Camera Outside Worksheet (print and turn in) 10 points
  3. Demo - Demonstrate Information 30 points



Inside of Camera

  1. Review Camera Manual and answer the questions for #2.
  2. Complete this Worksheet (print and turn in) 26 points
  3. Demo - Know Your Camera Inside - Demonstration Rubric 30 points



Cleaning Your Camera

  1. Read these two articles Cleaning, and Do's and Don'ts About Camera Care 40 points
  2. Write a paragraph describing the importance of cleaning and 3 facts about how to care for the camera at school as well as your personal camera. (Must be at least 5 sentences) See Rubric


C List (Complete to here for a C Productivity Grade)
  1. Bringing Directions to Life - See Rubric 70 points
  2. Use Microsoft Word


B List (Complete to here for a B Productivity Grade)
  1. Tour of CHS for Suzy - See Rubric 70 points
  2. Create a Photo Story using Microsoft PhotoStory or Animoto program

PhotoStory or Animoto

A List (Complete to here for a A Productivity Grade)
InDesign Project: Take two of your favorite graphics you created above and create a flyer using InDesign (100 points) and this tutorial. Your flyer must include at least 2 photos with the transparency effect. Flyer is to have proper grammar and punctuation, as well as error free. Its your choice as to the topic of the flyer. It must; however, go along with your photos.