Food Court Wars

Learning Targets: How to create, market and sell a food product as an entrepreneur, use appropriate software to achieve goals, customer service, managing product cost and income.
Complete the entire list to receive an A in productivity

Assignment One: Brainstorming Activity/Pricing

Use this Excel document to decide product, cost and price. Turn in.


Assignment Two: Vocabulary Words - Practice vocab

Assignment Three: Decide your form of business & team positions (PowerPoint and assignment) Complete this form TEAM

Assignment Four: Create a Logo and Slogan

Complete this document and submit to Google Classroom


Assignment Five: Create a Vision & Mission Statement (PowerPoint & Assignment) - print and turn in TEAM
Assignment Six: Mini Business Plan - make your own


Assignment Seven: Marketing your business (must have at least 4 items) TEAM
Assignment Eight: Decorate your booth - contract for booth rental - complete and turn in TEAM
Assignment Nine: Participate in CHS Food Court War INDIVIDUAL
Assignment Ten - Reflection