Adobe Illustrator CS Schedule

Digital Design II

Complete the entire list to receive an A in productivity

Watch any of these videos to review and learn more about Adobe Illustrator

TOOLS DESCRIPTIONS:  If you need help using the tools this is a link to for a description of all the tools for Illustrator:

  • Note:  Within each tool, there is a video link to a tutorial on how to use the tool.  Watch the video and then practice using each tool. 

3D text using this online tutortial

Spash of Text  
hatCreate a Santa Hat using this online tutorial  

treeCreate a Christmas Tree, man, OR this bird


Using Image Trace and Live Paint

Making a Face

Complete your own Tutorial  

Make a Maze

Create two business logos for a company to choose from - Pick a company from the basket
If you stop here, you will receive a C in productivity.

Create a graphic of something recognizable using Gradients and Patterns - use these two videos

  • Patterns
  • Gradients
If you stop here, you will receive a B in productivity
Create Your Own and Identity Package  
Complete the above and receive an A

Illustrator Test


This list is not the complete list for Illustrator. Other assignments and demonstrations will be added.